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Reasons Why Bird Traps Are Completely Inhumane

Birds are considered to be nature’s gift to humanity. Those sweet little innocent creatures are so colourful and full of life that they have the ability to instantly lighting up the room wherever they go. They are so vibrant that people cannot help but stare at their beauty for hours and hours and follow them wherever they go. Birds watching is almost considered to be a competitive sport where the players watch and document the movements of the birds for hours. This might sound boring to some people, but for some people, it has become a passion and hobby. As you know that hobbies have no price and people who are involved in them can go to farthest lengths for them. People who like to keep birds as a pet or collect them as a passion are much more than anticipated. They pay prices ranging up to hundreds and thousands of dollars and sometimes spend the amount that is more than the average yearly income of a common man.  

For the purpose of collecting birds and adding them in the collection, people hire bird catchers to set bird traps in Melbourne also. These bird traps are used to trap and catch birds that are not easily available in the market and cannot be bought. To catch these rare birds, bird traps are set for months sometimes and people wait patiently till their required bird gets trapped in the trap. This practice is completely and thoroughly inhumane as it sometimes suffocates the trapped bird and in result end up killing it. Even if they are not killed, still bird traps are considered to be negative and disliked by PETA as well as other animal supporting NGO’s. Everyone is born free in this world and everyone has the right to remain free and live in freedom. Then who are we to catch and trap these birds just for the sake of hobby or sport. This practice of bird traps and bird catching is considered to be inhumane as it has a great potential of harming the birds and killing them. Some birds are so rare that they are on the verge of extinction, still, they are many times caught in the bird traps and killed off mercilessly. Killing these birds is already a crime and killing a bird that is facing extinction is a much serious crime.  

To discourage people from keeping birds as pets and setting up bird traps, the government should take measures or urgent basis. They should announce a serious penalty and a hefty amount as fined so people don’t even try to attempt these crimes. People nowadays do not work on the principle of right or wrong instead they fear the authority and rules. To induce a sense of fear and authority government should pass a law and then implement it all over the country stating that setting up bird traps and catching the birds for recreational purposes is strictly forbidden and will result in penalty and fine. For more information, please log on to